After finding myself drawn to sports medicine, I ended a 29-year career of doing hair. In that career, I spent the last three decades learning how to combat long hours of standing and repetitive movement and the associated injuries and pain that this brings.

When COVID-19 and lockdown arrived, I knew it was time to quit the work that I was doing and focus on my passion, learning the mechanics of the body. I completed an intense study program and am now qualified as a personal trainer.  I chose the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) for my education. NASM is an NCCA-accredited personal trainer certification that provides the most scientifically accurate information. In addition, I’m also qualified in CPR from the American Safety Training Institute.

My approach

When working with clients, I start with an evaluation that includes a questionnaire and a full body assessment to determine needs and goals. Measuring weight, body fat percentage, body measurements, and photos are all optional. However, I strongly encourage you to do so to enable you to track your progress. Personalized sessions will come with homework designed to be done in any space.

I have converted a stand-alone garage in a quiet neighborhood in Fremont, Seattle, into a welcoming full gym. Many forms of exercise are available, from weights, battle ropes, kettlebells, resistance bands, HIIT, stretching, and many more. I can also travel to apartment gyms and parks with a lovely gamete of toys/tools to take along.

My ideal client

I look forward to helping anyone inspired to improve their body’s physical capabilities. I focus on mobility and corrective exercise to improve your fitness and strength. We all have some sort of imbalance at some point. If you feel you would like to stand up taller or fight against a disability that is more in charge of your life than should be, I’m here for you.

My personal Gym

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If you want to learn more about me and my story, there are more details. If you would like to chat and see if my approach and style works for you please get in contact



  • 1-hour of personal training
  • 1.5 hours of personal training
  • Sessions take place in my gym or your condo gym 


  • Pay as you go, with no commitments 
  • Or commit to multiple sessions for a lower cost
  • The more you commit to, the more you save
  • Options of adding extra sessions
  • Pricing starts at $55.00 per session 


Click here for more details on sessions.  

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